Een greep uit de projecten die we de afgelopen jaren hebben opgezet.

Art Root Intensive 2019

Interactief Full Concert

Art Root Collective - Juntos (Together)


Song: Art Root Collective

Video: Art Root Collective

Editing: Lisette van de Laak

Audio Mix: Oscar Bouwmans | Lisette van de Laak

Lyrics:(Translation from Portuguese)

Together we will win this fight.

Together we will build a better future.


Lets come together and uniteIt no matter if you black or white

Hand to hand

Stand side by side

From north to the south

East to the west side

Different kingdoms

Let's just combine

Let love flow just one more time

Cuz we don’t wanna see

Another innocent die

One more time

So give up the fight

Give up the time

Give up the right

Give up the line

Give up the night

Give up your side

And give up the fight

Lets make things right

Art Root Intensive 2018

Bevrijdingsconcert Zwolle in 2018