Welcome to Art Root Collective, where young musicians from diverse backgrounds meet to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and make meaningful connections through the shared passion of music.

Our collective is an inclusive space where newcomers and Dutch youth between the ages of 18 and 30 participate to create, learn and grow. Our projects are designed to provide a space for original and impactful creations, personal and artistic development, and most importantly, mutual respect, understanding, and friendship.We offer a variety of music programs, including workshops, jam sessions, residencies, trainings and internships.


Art Root Intensive is a summer camp in which newcomers and Dutch musicians create and play new music together. During the week we go through an intensive journey of music making, camping in nature, eating together and making new friends.

When? August 7 until August 13, 2023

Where?Gasteren (Drenthe) a small village in the Netherlands

Who? Music lovers between 18 and 30 years old. All instruments and levels of playing are welcome.

How? Sign up on our website www. artrootcollective.nl or send an email to mostafa@artrootcollective.nl

A leadership cource in which participants develop skills to lead a creative music workshop for young newcomers. They will take part in 5 weekly training days, once a week, and lead a 4-day workshop project in an AZC (refugee camp). Participants learn how to prepare and lead their own creative music workshops, developing skills to guide warm-ups, body percussion, singing circles and mindfulness exercises.

When? Between September – November.

Where? Training days are in Amsterdam, once a week. The 4 workshop days are in an AZC (refugee center).

Who? 10 participants who participated in Art Root Intensive.

How? After completing the Art Root Intensive, you will receive an application form.

Art Root Next is the place to initiate and develop new Art Root projects. With the support of our experienced Art Root team, ideas transform into actual projects. Examples of project ideas include setting up a workshop series, a band project, a music project for children or aninterview project with Art Root members.In addition, Art Root Next also offers internship placements for those interested in gaining hands-on experience as workshop leaders or production assistants.

When? During Spring.

Where? At various locations in the Netherlands.

Who? Participants that have completed Art Root Circle.

How? You can propose a project at the end of Art Root Circle.

Art Root Open is a monthly jam session where young people meet through music. These jam sessions are the Art Root Collective's mobile music room, taking place in various places in the Netherlands. It is an inviting, intimate, warm and safe place to connect through music, over and over again.

When? Once a month. Check the website for the dates.

Where? In Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, Arnhem and in Rotterdam. Check the website for the locations.

Who? All music lovers, between 18-30 years, that would like to jam together.

How? You are most welcome. Registration is not necessary.